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User getXoviLimits REtruns all limits within the tool. 0/call User getSubaccounts Returns all created subusers of a master account. 10/call Keywords getRank Returns the strongest domains within a searchengine ordered by OVI. 20/100 rows Project deleteLabel Deletes a label. 5/call Project editLabel Edits a label. 5/call Calendar deleteEntry Removes an event from calendar. 10/call Addressbook getOrganisations Returns the organisations of the addressbook. 10/call Addressbook deletePerson Removes a contact from the addressbook. 10/call Addressbook addPerson Adds a contact to the addressbook. 10/call Addressbook editPerson Changes the values of a contact in the addressbook. 10/call Calendar editEntry Changes the values of a calendar entry. 10/call Calendar addEntry Adds a new entry to the calendar. 10/call Addressbook deleteOrganisation Removes an organisation from the addressbook. 10/call Addressbook addOrganisation Adds an organisation to the addressbook. 10/call Addressbook getPersons Returns all added contacts. 10/call Monitoring getOviTrend Gibt den Monitoring OVI-Verlauf einer Projektdomain zurück. 5/row Calendar getEntries Returns the Entries of the calendar. 10/call Addressbook editOrganisation Changes the values of an organisation in the addressbook. 10/call Keywords getRankingTrend Gibt den Keyword- und Ranking-Verlauf einer Domain zurück. 5/row Monitoring addKeywords Fügt Keywords zum Monitoring hinzu. 20/call Monitoring getKeywordLimits Gibt die Verbrauchsgrenzen der Monitoring Keywords zurück. 0/call Sea getKeywords Gibt alle Keywords einer Domain zurück unter denen Anzeigen geschaltet sind. 20/100 rows Keywords getStaticOviTrend Returns the static OVI trend of a domain. 5/row Project getCategories Returns all label categories. 10/call Keywords getLostKeywords Returns the lost keywords of a domain compared to the week before. 50/100 rows Keywords getRankingColumn Returns the ranking spread of a domain (number of keywords for which the URL ranks on Google SERPs 1 - 10). 50/call Keywords getNewKeywords Returns the new ranking keywords of a domain within a searchengine. 50/ 100 rows Keywords getPages Returns all subpages of a domain. 20/1 row Links getBacklinks Returns all link details of a backlink for one domain. 10/100 rows Monitoring getKeywordRankings Returns the Top 100 serchresults to installed keyword. 25/call Links getDomainTrend Returns the trend of important figures of one domain. 15/ 1 row Links getHrefs Returns all URLs being the link destination of a domain. The link destination get returned with Get parameter and anchor text. Please also consult: getLinkedPages. 20/100 rows Links getLinkedPages Returns all URLs being the link destination of a domain. The link destination get returned without Get parameter and also without the anchor text. 20/100 rows Links getLinktexts Returns all link texts of the backlinks of one domain. 20/100 rows Keywords getRankingValue Returns the value of a domain calculated from position, searchvolume, CPC and trafficfactor to a certain time. 15/call Project getLabels Returns all created labels. 15/call Project getProjects Returns all created projects. 5/call Report getDownloads Returns an overview of all downloadable already existent reports. 5/call Report getPdf Returns an already created report in PDF format. 5/call Monitoring getDomains Returns the created domains of the daily crawling. 10/call Monitoring getKeywords Returns the created keywords of the daily crawling. 20/100 rows Monitoring getKeywordTrend Returns the daily ranking trend of a keyword for a domain. 15/call Keywords getSearchEngines Returns all daily or weekly crawled search engines. (Also contains relevant data for other operations.) 5/call Project addLabel Adds one or more labels. 5/call User getCreditstate Returns the current state of your credit data. 0/call Keywords getKeywordRankings Returns all URLs for a single keyword from the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 20/call Keywords getKeywords Returns all ranking keywords for a domain. 25/100 rows Keywords getKeywordTrend Returns the ranking trend of a keyword for a domain. 15/1 row Project addProject Adds a project. 15/call